SEA Arts’ varied repertoire includes classical theatre and dance, contemporary theatre, and outdoor events. SEA Arts offers both performances and workshops by leading international Southeast Asian artists and also experiments in pan-Asian performance.

Classical theatre includes Arja dance opera and Prèmbon (masked theatre), which recreates the extraordinary drama and vitality of Balinese dance-opera, with its remarkable range of song styles. There is a range of new choreographies as well as a large repertoire of the most famous and some little-known Balinese and Javanese dances.

Contemporary includes a piece on Artaud’s discovery of Balinese theatre in Paris, which led to his revolution in Western ideas of theatre. AT present SEA Arts is working on a large production both as a film and theatre piece exploring Balinese understandings of their encounter with the West and the transformation of Balinese society from a feudal order to the modern Indonesian state, entitled Bali after the End of the World.

Outdoor highlights some of the unusual performances that SEA Arts organizes (often in conjunction with FIPA) including a version of the Ramayana on stilts and a wide range of marching music for parades and promenades.