Repertory: Outdoor

Stilts Productions – Ramayana

This is the first – and at presently only – Ramayana on stilts in the world. The production is expanding over the next few years with the addition of new characters. Current characters are Rama, Sinta, Rahwana and Hanuman portrayed in vivid Asian manga type costumes with the Golden Deer and Jatayu (Bird).

  • Cast 6 stilt dancers
  • Choreography Hi Ching, Cid Shaha, Ni Made Pujawati, Graeme Clint
  • Running Time 30 minute promenade appearances

Organized in collaboration with FIPA. More details …

Baleganjur – Balinese Marching Gamelan

Baleganjur is a wonderfully versatile and portable form of orchestra consisting of gongs, kettles, cymbals and drums, which is used to accompany processions for temple festivals and other occasions. It was also used to lead warriors into battle. Baleganjur music ranges from the very simple to amazingly complicated interlocking rhythms that fascinate professional musicians the world over. Baleganjur is used to accompany the Ramayana on stilts (above) and can be used for a wide variety of processions and events.

There is a wide variety of musical pieces from very basic rhythms that can be learned by primary school children through more varied and advanced pieces for different ages and musical skills. Baleganjur is ideal for events that include wide participation. After 3-5 short workshops people are able to participate in processions lasting half an hour. SEA Arts has highly trained musicians who can adapt existing pieces to suit the needs and abilities of different groups. The range of music includes:

Tabuh Cèng-Cèng – a very simple piece suitable for small children consisting of light cymbals and small portable gongs

Tabuh Gilak – a classical Balinese Baleganjur piece, which can be adapted to meet the abilities of the participants.