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A Collaboration with Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts

Hello from Singapore! I am currently devising a very exciting performance with a group of 19 3rd year Theatre, Video Production and Arts Management students from the Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts (NAFA). The project builds on my work with Grace Leong, a NAFA theatre lecturer, who was in London last year studying at Royal Holloway. […]

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Marching gongs Langthorne Park 2

Marching Gongs

Marching Gongs are the Balinese Baleganjur gamelan, a portable orchestra used to accompany all kinds of processions and, in the past, when soldiers went into battle. The Baleganjur consists of bronze kettles, cymbals and gongs led by drums. The music is very dramatic and ideal for outdoor events because of its magnificent sound. Baleganjur music […]

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Artaud's imagination deeply engaged with the dancer

Artaud’s Balinese Epiphany

This is complex piece combining Balinese, Javanese, Ballet and Bharatanatyam movements exploring Antonin Artaud’s encounter with Balinese theatre at the Paris Exposition in 1931. The piece draws on film footage of Artaud and his writings about Balinese theatre which was so central to his attack on the text-based and rigid conventions of Western theatre. It […]

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