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Cambodian Recollections Opening

Cambodian Recollections Exhibition Opening

At long last we opened our exhibition at the fascinating Hackney Museum last night and we’re delighted to say it was a smashing success! We were absolutely thrilled with the amount of people who came to celebrate this remarkable piece of work with us, which exceeded our expectations and, pretty quickly, our supply of wine. Thanks […]

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Cambodian Recollections

Cambodian Recollections is a collection of memories of Cambodians, based in the UK, reflecting on the upheaval and purges from 1975 to 1979.  Through these, we learn about the challenges they faced trying to survive in Britain – learning English, getting to grips with the ways of a foreign country, weather, food and adapting to […]

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TBC exhibition photos 24

Thai Burmese Charms

An exhibition of Thai Burmese Charms photos of oral history interviewees and their charms. This first ever collection of intriguing interviews about how these communities use protective charms which will be made available online. There will be a launch event on 27th October of talks about this oral history project. Speakers will include: Oat Montien […]

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Teaching gamelan at Chopwell Primary School  1

The British Gamelan Trail

The British Gamelan Trail is an online oral history project, which explores how gamelan has become so popular in Britain that it now forms part of the national heritage. With close on one hundred active gamelans in the UK, how gamelan attracted so many people and how it has become part of their lives provide […]

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