Cambodian Recollections Exhibition Opening

At long last we opened our exhibition at the fascinating Hackney Museum last night and we’re delighted to say it was a smashing success! We were absolutely thrilled with the amount of people who came to celebrate this remarkable piece of work with us, which exceeded our expectations and, pretty quickly, our supply of wine. Thanks to everyone who came and of course to the Hackney Museum who made this all possible – it’s great to be a guest at such a wonderful museum.

We heard speeches from Niti Acharya, the Museum Manager, Emma Winch, the Heritage Learning Officer, Hi Ching, our Artistic Director, and Dayanny So, the artistic talent behind the exhibition itself. Watch this space for a post about Emma’s inspiring work with local school children as part of Refugee Week and where Cambodian Recollections fits in with that.

Cambodian Recollections is an exhibition based on an oral history collected from members of the Cambodian diaspora living in the UK, and centering on their experiences as refugees from the Khmer Rouge. Viewers of the exhibition can read the wide variety of stories of our 20+ interviewees that accompany their photographs on the wall, watch video installations of the interviews themselves (also available on YouTube) and also get a very rare opportunity to see some photos and letters that Dayanny So has lent to the exhibition. These are such precious artifacts as most refugees from the Khmer Rouge lost everything they owned, even photographs (seen in above left photo).

The exhibition opened as part of Refugee Week and will run until November at the Hackney Museum, so if you didn’t manage to get down to our event there’s still plenty of time to check it out, along with the rest of the museum’s excellent collection.

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