Artaud’s Balinese Epiphany

This is complex piece combining Balinese, Javanese, Ballet and Bharatanatyam movements exploring Antonin Artaud’s encounter with Balinese theatre at the Paris Exposition in 1931. The piece draws on film footage of Artaud and his writings about Balinese theatre which was so central to his attack on the text-based and rigid conventions of Western theatre. It depicts Artaud’s transformation from being initially mesmerized by the dance to achieving his break from the shackles of Western tradition. The piece is a complex collaboration between two choreographers, Ni Madé Pujawati and Ash Mukherjee working with the composer Nye Parry, the artist Jeremy Millar and the Balinese scholar Mark Hobart.

Artaud’s Balinese Epiphany is funded by a grant from the Ruskin School of Drawing and Fine Art,
University of Oxford.

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