About Us

homeSEA Arts is a network of internationally recognized South East Asian dancers, actors and artists, who are working in collaboration with performers from other parts of Asia to create mould-breaking new work.

Perhaps the least known among the great traditions of Asia is the varied and vibrant range of performing and plastic arts of South East Asia, from Thailand and Cambodia on the mainland to the vast archipelago of Indonesia, with the consummately developed, and continually evolving, theatre and dance of Java and Bali.

Based in London, SEA Arts aims to introduce new works from South East Asia to western audiences and to encourage dialogue and explore new productions across the different regions of Asia.

SEA Arts was set up in April 2007 as a not-for-profit organization to promote the performing arts of South East Asia through contemporary productions, research on heritage, workshops, films and multimedia. SEA Arts encourages and supports practitioners and scholars to disseminate the great diversity of South East Asian culture through creating classical and contemporary work, and to collaborate with other artistic traditions.

Company Profile

SEA Arts facilitates and assists the development of projects in original and cross-cultural South East Asian productions educational and training workshops national and international collaborations with partners academic and performance-based research documentation and video for archives and online resources films of major productions for museums, art galleries and education.

SEA Arts is very active in a range of fields, including teaching and workshops, research on performing arts, to collaborating with other performing arts’ organizations such as the Foundation for Indian Performing Arts, to developing film productions on South East Asian performance.


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